The Ambivalent Candy Bar Skank

The Ambivalent Candy Bar Skank

I’m low on sodium, but overflowing with salt, a tad bit fattening, but it’s your own fault. Sweetness untempered with activity: a little chub makes, so sorry to say it, but them’s are the breaks.

Tangy and lurid, crisp and sharp, runny like fingers on strings of a harp. I melt in your mouth but not in your hand, yet I’ll slip through those fingers, grainy like sand.

Your senses overwhelmed and metabolism peaked, you’ll double-check the wrapper for any sugar that’s leaked.

Put me out of your mind boy, diabetes is scary, and that’s not the worst I can do, so gentlemen be wary.

A little bitty taste here and another nibble there go quite well with cold beer and a provocative stare.

My sucrose is suffocating and my carnal caramel corruption can curl toes.

Silky milky skin is insinuating that perhaps there will be some inseminatingly evident aromas entering your nose.

We talk of the senses, but my motives are senseless, and I only play at pretenses, which may be pretentious, but not a lot of people will care.

We both want one thing: our appetites sated, it’s happening it’s fated. This wafer is slated for your consumption, so summon some gumption and give this paper a tear.

Once you’ve taken your fill and I’ve taken my pill and you’ll have lost all the thrill so be gone as you will.

And I may cry in the still night after you’ve completed your flight, but in the morning, under the gun and a little bit numb, I’ll be ready to repeat the treat for another boy to eat.

I simply don’t know any better and neither do they.

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  1. Sandra Donnelly

    Very creative and oh so true, you might think its funny when it’s not about you.