Web Content for Accounting Workshops

Web Content for Accounting Workshops

I’ve compiled here three different pieces I completed for a company offering educational workshops to small business owners around the greater metro Atlanta area. The first is a teaser of what the class is about, followed by a course description, and finally two promotional emails sent out to the company’s mailing list.



The world rotates on an axis of mathematics. Money is measured numerically, and numbers can get downright complicated. To thrive in a competitive business community, today’s entrepreneur must have a firm grasp of tracking income and expenses, financial statements and cash flow management,  as well as the processes of proficiently recording, classifying, and summarizing major and minor economic events. This entry level workshop is designed to inform and educate you on these accounting essentials.


ABOUT the Workshop:


Accounting for Non-Accountants

This is a comprehensive workshop that will cover all of the basic principles, processes, and parameters needed to create a financially sound business model. If you don’t have an extensive background in an economically related field, then accounting work can be daunting, if not downright impossible.

Fortunately, this dizzying maze of tax laws and mathematics is ultimately understandable; and by receiving personal instruction, you can use this in-depth knowledge of the system’s inner workings to benefit your business in ways that you would never have thought possible!

The secret is in the experience, and that’s what the Accounting for Non-Accountants workshop is offering. Our organization prides itself on lending a helping hand to small-businesses who don’t have the experience to help themselves. That’s why a successful volunteer like Priscilla Diggs-Costen dedicates her time and energy to help YOU learn invaluable accounting skills.

Priscilla is an EA, MBA who successfully owns and operates Costen Tax Group. She has spent over 12 years successfully developing a thriving tax practice. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Virginia Wesleyan College in Accounting, and she is an enrolled agent, licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Currently, Priscilla is a SCORE volunteer. She mentors emerging and existing business owners, in an effort to build a stronger, more successful local Atlanta business community.


Nothing is more important to the success of your business than the ability to understand and apply basic accounting principles. This one skill, more than any other, can make or break a business. With that truth in mind, the Accounting for Non-Accountants workshop works to inform you about the following subjects:

  • Preparation and charting of accounts
  • Reading/Writing Income Statements
  • Reading/Writing Balance Sheets
  • Reading/Understanding Cash-Flow
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Effective Product Pricing
  • Capital: needs and Sources
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Assistance Resources


Promotional email number one:

Professional financiers host seminars that can cost thousands of dollars. They pump you up with false promises and cheap advice that ultimately cost a great deal of money for very little gain. The Accounting for Non-Accountants workshop is run by impassioned volunteers, with the fervent desire to make YOUR BUSINESS more profitable. We offer this premium service for the very reasonable price of only $50.

We are readily available for consultation, and are flexible in our openings. So do yourself a solid and sign up for this highly informative course on the essentials of money making.


Promotional email number two:

Running a small business requires a keen understanding on a variety of issues. You have to keep on top of cash flow, pricing, overhead costs, incoming revenues, and profit margins: basically every imaginable economic variable.

Unless you come from a financial background, trying to keep ahead of it all can be a bit overwhelming.

SCORE is offering the knowledge and experience necessary to avoid this stressful scenario with the one of a kind workshop: Accounting for Non-Accountants. This seminar provides you with the tools you need to keep your business above the water and on the level.

Accounting is an invaluable skill that no business owner should be without. You need to be educated on the labyrinthine structure of the system or risk being swallowed by it.  Get yourself up to speed before it’s too late.

Sign up for a reasonably priced workshop and keep one step ahead of Uncle Sam today!

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