Life Coaching Copy

Life Coaching Copy

This is some sales copy I wrote aimed at getting customers to sign up for one of my clients life coaching services.


What is the daily grind? It’s exactly what it sounds like: an arduous marathon of endless tasks, chores, appointments, and errands. A lot of people work in an unbalanced manner, pushing themselves to their limits for a disproportionate reward. Have you ever worked a 9 to 5 that ended up being an 8 to 6? Or even a 7 to 7? If you’re a business owner, the answer to that question is an almost universally resounding “yes,” probably accompanied by a deep sigh of dissatisfaction.  Counterbalancing this back-breaking mental labor should be some healthy crops of benefits being reaped from all of the diligent sewing. Unfortunately, crops don’t always come up and the scales don’t always balance out.

Perhaps you feel stagnant, like you’ve come up to some insurmountable obstacles. As if there were a roadblock with no detour clearly marked and your map flew out the window an hour ago. Well, relax. A Life Coach is as good as a flagman on the roads of destiny.

What? You’ve never considered the idea? Perhaps it’s time you thought it over. In between settling the books, booking appointments, making sales, courting new clients, and covering the rest of your numerous bases, wouldn’t it be nice if you could set some time aside to sit down next to a reputable professional and really strategize?

Keeping up with the fast-paced world in which we live is no easy feat, and there’s no shame in losing ground here and there, especially when you’re carrying the burden alone. So why not seek help through the proper channels? Why not look to an established track record of satisfied customers, and success stories? Why not find out a little bit more about Jairek Robbins?

****** ******* is a professional Life Coach, keynote speaker, and expert strategist for numerous different operations, ranging from mid-level businesses on up to Fortune 500 companies. He is an honorary Congressional Gold Medal recipient, and a prominent force in the world of entrepreneurship. His vast experience with individual planning and corporate strategy gives him a wealth of knowledge at every relevant level of success. He handles an individual transition to success with the same easy grace as a company with well over a thousand employees.

His unique approach varies from case to case, but generally focuses on a distinct formula to assess and strategize for his clients. His vision centers on dreams, definition, direction, discipline, positive thinking, and philanthropy. To be more specific, He helps to identify the dreams you wish to achieve. Once you have the dream, you look to define your current position. If you know where you are, the next thing you need is a direction in which you can advance. To walk your path, he helps you find the discipline to make it happen daily, then the positive thinking required to push you further, and finally the philanthropy to help you appreciate the greater significance of the world in which you live.

******’s philosophy is born out of immersive experiences within Robbins Research International, a top notch education (B.A. in Psychology from the University of San Diego,) years spent working and globetrotting in impoverished areas, founding a successful startup during a recession, and an extremely diverse upbringing. He eventually earned the highest civilian award that the United States congress can present by spending well over 400 hours in community service and 500+ hours working on personal development books, tapes, and presentations. His qualifications are legitimate and his services have proven value.

So how can he help you? The outline has already been established, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. What separates the successful business man from the struggling entrepreneur? Accountability for one thing, and motivation for another. Holding yourself accountable for the needs of your company sounds like a simple matter, but the fact is it trips up more would-be millionaires than you might expect.

As we’ve already discussed, business owners have a lot on their plate, and delegating responsibility in almost any area will be a welcome sharing of a heavy burden. Having a Life Coach can help you do just that. Firstly, by delegating your accountability to someone whose success hinges on your success. Secondly, the coach can then help you further delegate, and furthermore eliminate some of the excess fat in your schedule of responsibilities. And having someone to hold you accountable for your actions means having to justify the moves you make not only to yourself, but to another critical eye as well. Two heads are always better than one.

Moving on to another important facet of life coaching brings the discussion to Motivation. Let’s face it, whether you’re competing for Olympic gold or just trying to keep a clean house, if you aren’t motivated, nothing is getting done. Having a Life Coach is a valuable asset in that they get to know you, find out what your intrinsic and extrinsic drives are, and then use these to facilitate your chosen lifestyle. ****** can help you achieve a focus and determination beyond what you are capable of alone and that quality is a valuable weapon in the war of productivity. Though ****** can’t turn a sloth into a cheetah, he can certainly help you find the passion that lays dormant within your soul.

Within the whirlwind of professional life, ****** ******* can help you find the eye of the storm. Once there, you can achieve a level of calm and perspective that will undoubtedly give you the edge you need to leave the competition trailing behind, and start living the exciting, successful, and fully fulfilled life you’ve been searching for. His record is proven, his method is effective, and his number one goal is to help you achieve to the best of your ability.

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