Lessons in Love: Your Roadmap to Happiness

Lessons in Love: Your Roadmap to Happiness

This is a sales letter I wrote for a self-help-book-summary newsletter service. The client? Jairek Robbins, son of world famous self-help guru, Tony Robbins. I was mildly excited to hear that when we started working together, so I figured it was worth mentioning here. :)

Finding love in general is no small feat. Finding love as a full-time professional female can be downright tasking. They say “men are all alike,” and while this maxim doesn’t always hold water, it certainly isn’t completely devoid of truth either. Looking for love is a little like panning for gold. It often takes a lot of patience for little or no reward. However, there are those rare occasions when you strike it rich, like if he’s a poetry-reciting cardiologist with a motorcycle… who can play the guitar.

Discounting the prince charming scenario, even finding a date you wouldn’t mind introducing to your friends can be a challenge. They just don’t build them like they used to. It seems like all of the successful, polite, well-dressed, masculine, honest, loyal, intelligent, funny, and dependable gents have already been swooped up, or started batting for the other team.

It’s always something.

Instead of the idyllic tall, dark, and handsome strangers every little girl dreams about, the usual suspects end up being average, shady, and horny. And that’s just not quite as strong a combination is it?

So what happens? You end up settling. Trying to make it work with the same cookie-cutter cretins that you’ve always known you should avoid, but end up inexorably drawn to. As if you were some kind of loser magnet. These constant creepy encounters can leave you wondering: “Will I ever find love?”

Don’t worry, it’s not you.  These men are just so typical it’s scary. If they aren’t co-dependent, then they’re controlling, if not needy, then insecure, if not arrogant, then inattentive, and if they manage to be none of the above, then they end up being cheaters. It’s almost like a factory is churning them out, and releasing them near local nightclubs.

Even if you can find a man worth putting up with, the pressures of managing a relationship while still focusing on your career can be pretty unnerving. Finding the proper balance between your personal and professional life can feel an awful lot like juggling chainsaws. No matter which one you drop, you know it’s going to be bloody.

So what ends up being the result of this fruitless searching? Perhaps you get numb. You begin finding the loneliness comfortable, and take solace by accruing a small army of cats as surrogate children. Good luck looking for love when your apartment smells like a litter box. Maybe you get depressed, begin eating, and never really stop. Now you’re lonely, bloated, and out of ice cream, does it get any worse? You could go the other direction: lower your standards, raise your skirt, swallow the tequila, and pray for the best. Hopefully, the doctor won’t be telling you to call all the partners you’ve had this year. So then the question becomes: where to find love? The answer can be complicated.

Here is some initial free advice: break the pattern.  Find the love you actually want instead of the love that ends up finding you. Easier said than done right? Not necessarily. Finding the kind of man you want and balancing that relationship along with your professional life isn’t just possible, it can be very probable if you take a few steps in the right direction.

Do you ever wish there were a guidebook for dating, a comprehensive list of the various pitfalls and methods to avoid them? A sort of where-to-find-love Bible would be around 12 billion pages long, and it’s already been established that a working woman is under some serious time constraints. You need some “find me love” bullet points, and that’s exactly what Lessons in Love is offering.

Rather than endlessly perusing the local bookstore, scooping up whatever literary gruel Oprah happens to be serving, how about receiving a newsletter packed with strategies and insights into managing and cultivating lasting meaningful relationships? Lessons in Love is a monthly subscription to two in-depth, compelling,  and applicable book summaries that give you the guidelines you need in your romantic and vocational routines. Subscribing to this service will plug you into the minds of the most authoritative self-help authors on the subject, give you a powerful overall understanding of their ideas, and get you on the right track toward finding space in your schedule, and the right man to fill it.

Imagine waking up with tangled hair, scratchy legs, and morning breath. Now imagine a handsome face smiling at you with genuine affection, comforting arms wrapping around you, and a voice you trust whispering, “Good morning, gorgeous.”

Love is like any other goal. Plan for it diligently, work at it persistently, and study it thoroughly. There’s no way you’ll fail.

Stop looking for love and start finding it today. Enroll now!


After the newsletter was distributed, the client used the same copy to advertise an eBook: