Learn To Launch Websites Like a Pro With ***** *******

Learn To Launch Websites Like a Pro With ***** *******

This is some sales copy I reworked and expanded for a client.

Brand new e-book shows you the whole process step by step!

Dear Friend,


Are you planning on launching a website to sell a product or promote a business? If so, then you must be getting tired by now. We all know what an intense and time-consuming endeavor a website launch can be. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and full of spastic fervor running up against your ever-ominous looming deadline.

Do you even know how to get from dreaming up the idea to actually launching the site? How to take a beloved abstraction from your mind and painstakingly convert it to sweet coded reality?

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly build up an audience for a site when you haven’t already got a steady stream of traffic to work with? Or were you just planning to get spammed to death with trackbacks? Can your sanity stand up against 25 useless e-mails a day? You are aware of the alternatives right? No?

Well, if you’re not completely sure about how to build interest, traffic, or “buzz” for a website, don’t worry. You are definitely not alone.

Believe it or not, most people who launch websites do not actually understand what they have to do to succeed.

Why is that?

Because in the complicated and creative world of website construction, most people don’t have a proven formula for getting the results they want! That’s why most websites fail to get significant traffic, and why most online businesses close up shop in less than a year.

Going into a website launch without a precisely formulated plan is a lot like trying to find treasure without a map. It’s a lot more difficult to find the giant X marking the spot. With a detailed, specific, and thorough strategy the chances of your launch being a success increase a hundredfold.

Without clear objectives and a comprehensive framework, the product or service that you’ve worked so hard to put into place is often caught up in the chaotic lack of cohesion that so many start-ups fall prey to. In other words the magic of the message is lost in the madness of the method. Don’t let this happen to you!


A Simple Formula

If you’re launching a site as part of your business efforts, then it is essential for you to acquire, and follow a simple, skillful, step by step process that takes you from the planning stages all the way to the actual launch.

Whether you’re launching a blog, an informational website, or a brand new online product, you need to understand the steps in this process in order to succeed.  These steps are essential not only to the initial launch of your product, but its expansion and continued prominence in the market as well.

This formula will revolutionize the way you think about web advertising. After you’ve integrated this formula into your marketing repertoire you’ll have a much more effectual understanding of web marketing than you ever would have been able to accrue otherwise. Short of a college marketing textbook, ***** ******* is the most complete compendium of web based wisdom you’ll ever come across.

Basically, the steps in the launch process are a kind of “formula” that makes a triumphant unveiling a highly likely possibility. This formula consists of multiple, longstanding, and effectual methods that have stood the test of time, and have now been comprehensively compiled for your benefit. For years, that “formula” was not available to anyone but the savviest, smartest, most superlative web developers; and only the most prominent, proficient, and praiseworthy marketers in the business!

However, with the long awaited and now imminent release of ***** *******, these incredible trade secrets are now available to the general public…


… And that includes you!


What You Get

If you were to type “products on website launches” into Google right now, you’d immediately find an innumerable amount of identical marketers all selling the same repackaged e-books on how to design and upload an average website. This manifold and monotone technique is a sad, tired, and rehashed approach to problems far too complicated to be addressed with uniformly useless utilities, and prosaically played out practices.

If you prefer the run-of-the-mill solution to your confusion then that’s all fine and well, the middle of the field provides a valuable service for the drive-by websites… But we prefer to take a different, more effective, and rationalized approach.

***** ******* is not just an e-book about setting up a website. It’s so much more than that. It is an expansive suite of products, including unbelievably informative e-books, indicative informational reports, and a highly beneficial arsenal of audio recordings that comprehensively cover—literally—everything you need to know about launching a successful and streamlined website. When you purchase and read ***** *******, you will learn all the “tricks of the trade” that propel prosperous launches into the stratosphere!


These include:

  • How to practically plan your website launch maximizing your chances of success.
  • How to build as much “buzz” as possible for your site by getting the word out to the most potential customers/readers/etc. imaginable.
  • How to create massive amounts of traffic by using advertising tools like e-mail, social media, and pay per click advertising.
  • And much, much more!

Whether you’re a complete novice to website launches, an intermediate with one or two under your belt, or a seasoned veteran well-versed in the art, you’ll be unequivocally astonished by all the amazing strategies and tricky tactics you will learn from ***** *******.

If you’re a newbie, you’ll be absorbing all of the imperative fundamentals to successful site launches. If you’re an intermediate, you’ll build upon your knowledge and more easily acquire the much needed experience to become the consummate and confident veteran.

And if you’re already experienced, then you’ll learn all of the “hidden data” that will take you to the next level of web mastery. These unknown quantities are the final step into the vast world of extreme expertise.

Then again, perhaps you’re just curious about website launches, and not really an active participant. In this case, you will get a basic overview that shows you what the topic is all about. An even more valuable core understanding that will help you get the first step of this thousand mile journey underway in style.


An Amazing Bargain

Now get ready for the best part. If I asked you how much you thought a successful website launch was worth, what would you say? If you’re familiar with the more outrageous side of internet marketing perhaps your response would sound something like this:

“Well, some marketing webinars cost upwards of $2,000 for nothing but a URL and a password. Hardly what I’d call an awesome deal, as it’s usually advertised. Not only that, but when I actually attended these webinars, I wasn’t exactly impressed with all of the superfluous advise I received.”

Sometimes the so-called  “wealth of knowledge” you receive from these high priced carpetbaggers comes with an enormous price tag.

But if you were to put a price on the absolute certainty of a successful strategy, would you say it’s worth $1000, knowing that it can make or break your business? Or perhaps $500, the amount of money that many popular websites accrue in just one day? What about $250? Why, if you made that amount of money online every day, you would be doing quite well with $7500 a month. That’s a handsome living no matter how you slice it.

Well, get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief, because if you buy your access to ***** ******* today, it won’t cost you anywhere near $1000. The price doesn’t even stray close to the $500 mark. You won’t even break out a check for $250. Instead, you’ll be able to save major bank by pulling out less than a paltry $10!

I’ll allow you to take a moment and let the reality of that infinitesimal number set in.

Remember to breathe. Alright, ready to rejoin the conversation?

Fantastic. Since you’re back, I’ll go ahead and answer your inevitable incredulously toned question: yes, you heard that right. Less than $10 for an entire suite of products which will teach you everything you need to know, or even thought you wanted to know about launching a popular, successful, and most importantly: profitable website!

So what are you waiting for? Your product or service deserves the very best launch you can provide. If you really hope to succeed in this supersaturated and highly competitive market, you’ll want to snatch at every possible advantage for yourself. Now you see that a gigantic amount of insight into your life’s goal is readily and affordably available. Don’t waste another second second-guessing. Get to it! You’ll be happy you did it, and mad you didn’t do it sooner.

Sign up for access and get the keys to online success today. It’s bound to be the best online business investment that you make this year.