Here are two testimonials I wrote for a client’s beta-test-phase applications. I wrote them under different guises in the interest of guiding more traffic to his site.

(in)VentoryApp Testimonial

I belong to a landscape company, and it has its fair share of organizational problems. It’s a very small business with only 5 full-time employees and some part time laborers we call in a pinch. My boss is a seasoned and charismatic leader who really knows the ins and outs of lawn care and maintenance. However, when it comes to time and customer management, the pendulum has a tendency to swing in a negative direction. We’ve been constantly scrambling for work on slow days, struggling with equipment maintenance, and trying to stay on top of more than 30 different properties we manage.

With so much to keep up with, and absolutely no administrative help, it’s hard for us to stay organized. Thankfully, I’ve discovered VentoryApp. Our customer records go all the way back to 1985, so you can imagine my relief when I was able to upload all of our information in CSV files using this software. Just having all of that history compiled and alphabetized in one spot electronically made a massive difference in the amount of time my boss was spending in the office.

If you know anything about landscaping you know that the business is completely dependent on carefully maintained equipment. Since downloading (in)VentoryApp we started keeping meticulous copies of our tool inventory in the work trucks. We knew exactly how much of each tool we had, and in exactly which location it would be.  Because of the detailed system we were able to set up, we usually save an average of half an hour’s work that we used to waste on tool checks at the end of the day.

Frankly, I’m astounded at how much of a difference a few lines of coding made in my blue collar world. Whereas my company used to be just scraping by, now we’re expanding our customer base and hiring more employees. In an uncertain economy, where cutting back is the norm, we’ve managed through a little structure and some careful planning  to become an exception. And being exceptional feels amazing.

Bob Becklind



(In)VentoryApp Testimonial

Collectibles are big business. Some people, rather than investing in stocks and bonds spend their cash on cards and comics. Both, if intelligently appraised, can pay big dividends to the diligent investor.  Personally, I’ve been collecting baseball cards since I was a kid. At the tender age of 7 my father bought me a Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie card. I was elated. I studied the stats on the back until I was blue in the face. With my next allowance, I marched directly to the local card shop and made my first personal investment. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now, I’m 35 with an entire walk-in closets worth of baseball cards. My father created a monster. Somewhere along the line, I became junkie like in my habit, scavenging e-bay like a deal-hungry vulture.  I was in love with the hunt, obsessed with the trophies, and enamored with the collection itself. As far as vices go, it was a pretty harmless one. So I fed the habit until it grew beyond my comprehension. I soon had thousands of cards. So many I couldn’t categorize them all.

Eventually, it became apparent that something had to be done. It was time to trim the collection down. I began categorically cataloging the entirety of my collection.  After an inhuman effort spanning several weekends, I managed to set aside a sizable portion of my prizes for sales. Now the part I had been dreading. It was time to upload the information electronically. My knees went weak at the thought of losing any more of my life on this chore. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended (in)VentoryApp.

Because of the easily customizable fields and systematic setup of the App, I was able to take a month long chore and squeeze it into a single weekend. I even had time left over to stand in the sunlight before the workweek cranked back up. I just felt I needed to share my experience with this Application because of the incredible difference it made in my chore du jour, as it were. Without it, I might still be up to my elbows in Upper Deck Legacy’s.

–Vincent Palmer