Here are two blog posts I wrote for a client who was looking to build brand recognition for one of his two beta testing phase applications.


Goal Setting with GoalsApp!

Goal setting and accountability are absolutely vital to a virile lifestyle and a healthy mindset. Without the structure that you provide for yourself using these essential  habits, life can take an untenable left turn that has you reeling from the consequences for years to come. Take it from me, when it comes to being undisciplined, I’m an old hat with an extremely disappointing resume.

The House with No Foundation.

I had been stuck with a seriously unsightly, sad sack, skinny-fat body shape since puberty. No clothes fit me, my cholesterol was a nightmare, and on top of all that I was very simply unhappy with myself. I didn’t feel good looking in a mirror. I was on a constant and cyclical downward spiral. I would look down on myself for being ugly, eat until my feelings were numb, and then be ashamed of myself for further indulging in my terrible habits. I had no experience in setting smart goals or even taking responsibility for the minor goal setting I managed.

Restructuring with GoalsApp.

This was all before I started using GoalsApp. This streamlined yet effective application helped me unlock my own hidden potential. The secret is simple in concept and difficult in execution, an unfortunate prerequisite of any worthwhile endeavor. The idea behind it is to a) organize your personal progression, b) to hold yourself publicly accountable for the goals that you set, and c) continuously improve without fail. By way of example, I broke down the steps that I needed to take in order to lose weight and reshape my body. I listed these steps and charted my progress all the way from step 1- picking a diet plan to step 12 completing a 5k run in under 24 minutes. I was able to completely change my lifestyle thanks to the tiny thoughts of confidence that grew into goal achieving action.

The Goal Line.

The best part? I was able to use GoalsApp to chart my progress, keeping my friends and family informed of the goals I set and the goals I achieved, this held me accountable, and kept me motivated. Whenever I felt like something was too hard, I could just imagine my friends and family watching my progress and cheering me on. I’ve never felt so enthused! Goal setting and goal achieving are always easier in community settings. GoalsApp has helped my find that fraternal feeling, and revealed to me the secret of my own intrinsic value and inspiration.





What is it? How do you build it? Is there a step by step process? Sure. There’s a step by step to everything under the Sun.  It’s all about getting yourself to do it, and honestly, it’s a sensible pursuit. Confidence can be quite convenient after all.  I’m a self-help junkie. I’ve read everything from How to Make Friends and Influence People to The 4 Hour Workweek and the one thing I’ve learned is you never get any traction if you don’t believe in yourself.  Confidence is the key. If faith moves mountains then it can surely get your business off the ground/improve your romantic life/change your perspective or whatever the case may be.


So if confidence is important, how do we get it? Faith is the evidence of things unseen. We all are born with this implacable understanding that nothing is completely out of our reach. As time goes on we are bogged down with life’s worries and disappointments. As a result, we forget about our own immeasurable worth. Our once vast reserves of confidence are slowly depleted over time. Thus, the first and most important part of faith is tracking progress.  If every time you, or I, or anyone manages to make a note of self-belief being rewarded, then how much more would we all believe? The trick to self-improvement is noticing that the improvement happens.


Discounting a near superhuman level of awareness and constant access to pen and paper, the idea of note-taking on all personal achievement can seem somewhat daunting. Luckily for us– and the rainforests– this is the 21st century and we no longer have much use for pen and paper. Because of the magic of Goal tracking applications, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. With the efficient and easy functionality of software like GoalsApp, tracking your progress is as simple as typing a few sentences. Conversely, the depth of your tracking could theoretically fill volumes. You could publish memoirs of achieved goals and progress pushed. The technological versatility of the information age puts every option at your fingertips.

Put it all Together: Technology Tracking Confidence

Using every resource at your disposal to achieve every goal in your imagination seems like a no-brainer, yet so many people with an internet connection never bother to deviate from yahoo news, Facebook, and reddit.com. GoalsApp is an amazing application that pushes you to progress by allowing you to take a confident and hands on approach in the shaping of your own destiny. It is an extremely effective tool in the war against complacency.  Add it to your arsenal today. See if you can’t chart your confidence rising to prominence, and observe your to-do list shrinking down to the things that really excite you.