Email Sales Letter

Email Sales Letter

Exponentially Expand your Visibility With RecStudio!

Did you know that your real estate firm is out of tune with customer demand? There are only so many hours in a day, and in those hours your buyers have a lot to do. Your marketing needs to save them time. The best way to save time is by streamlining the chore of house-shopping with newer, more effective, and more engaging methods of home shopping.

What you need is a new kind of content, something rich in detail that grabs attention and peaks your client’s interest. You want a proven effective technique of getting them into your door, so that you can do what you love most: sell property.

Our cutting edge online media service, RecStudio, presents the obvious answer: Video Advertising. The video medium holds a lot of sway in internet marketing. In fact, it is an essential element for the successful launch of almost any product. People enjoy watching short, informative, and well-made video so long as it meets a need.

News Flash: Everyone needs a place to live. Real estate and healthcare are two commodities that never go out of style. So naturally, video showcasing beautiful landscapes and buildings for sale in any area has a massive contingent of online viewers. The question is: “What’s the best way to reach these potential buyers?”

Approximately 62% of the global adult population uses some form of social media or another. Sleek, engaging, and persuasive content (<-Click here for a quick sample!) has an excellent chance of getting a lot of hits in a very brief period of time. That’s the RecStudio specialty. We create video that can be described as:

  • Visually stunning.
  • Cinematic in quality.
  • Proven to be commercially viable.
  • Guaranteed to provide a highly lucrative turnover.

If you want masterfully produced video that comprehensively explains, displays, and espouses the virtue of every nook and cranny in any home in your repertoire, then RecStudio is definitely a service you’ll want to look into. With expert camera work, high quality voice overs, and top notch editing RecStudio offers the most inescapably attractive presentations imaginable, and we’ll do it for much less money than you’re used to shelling out for this sort of service.

There have been competitors offering commercial creation for anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000. RecStudio is offering a direct special for superior quality cinematic video at only $989. This service is in high demand, and this is a limited offer, so order today!

To view our videographic expertise and discover more about how our unique and talented service can benefit your business:

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