Direct Mail Sales Letter

Direct Mail Sales Letter

Make Money Re-insuring Your Own Practice!

Never before has the future of the medical profession seemed so uncertain. Affordable Care Act regulations are looming. Medical professionals are wondering what the future holds in store. Once stable financial ground has suddenly become an economic fault line.  Being a doctor just isn’t as profitable as it used to be.

With mounting taxes, closing loopholes, and the uninhibited rise of insurance premiums, planning retirement has become a daunting prospect. In addition to premiums covering malpractice, liability, fire, theft, vandalism, HIPPA violations, disciplinary actions, loss of license, improper billing, termination of privileges, you even have to re-insure against bad media coverage. When faced with such complex adversity, it’s a good idea to come up with a back-up plan. What If I told you that you can take a major expense and turn it into long-term, transferable, and tax exempt profit? The kind of profitable venture that would let you find new tax deductions, lower net insurance costs, defer tax payment until after you’ve spent the money, and make a large portion of your investments tax exempt.

That’s the service that ******* *** is offering.  What exactly is ******* ***? Here’s the gist: with ******** ***’s team of financial experts, you set up a unique, closely-held, domestic entity—owned and operated either by you or your group of trusted colleagues.  Together with our staff, you’ll navigate the highly specific IRS guidelines, and work with an established insurance carrier, to collect premiums that you pay to your own insurance company.

Any excess capital that isn’t paid out to cover claims, goes straight to your pocket! In addition to this pure profit, you’ll also receive a huge tax deduction, and there’s one more benefit worth mentioning: up to $1.2 million a year in premiums is counted tax-free! That is massive earning potential. Consider this real-life example: according to Steve Matthews, the captive coordinator for the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, one decade of premiums paid to Montana CIC’s equaled out to 274 million dollars. Care to guess what they paid on their 2010 tax returns? Only $600,000. You don’t have to be a mathematician to grasp those numbers. The math is clear. The choice is obvious. It’s just a matter of when, where, and how?

You’ve received this letter because we believe you are in a rare and privileged position to benefit from such an opportunity. All that you have to do to sign up and attend is meet these basic qualifications:

  • Have the authority/ability to represent your business’ interests And to withstand having premiums unavailable as cash flow for 13 months
  • Provide at least three years’ worth of tax returns
  • Identify your legitimate insurable interests
  • Can reallocate a minimum of the 100k you already pay in premiums per year
  • Have a clean criminal record

Take advantage of your unique position, attend a ******* *** Reinsurance Seminar, and learn the ingenious methods of cultivating an insurance carrier. The reason we’re sending you this offer is to inform you of a seminar we’ll be holding in your area in a mere matter of months. If you’d like further information about attending a complimentary dinner, then you can reach us by phone. Contact us at: 555-867-5309.