Are You Tired?

Are You Tired?



This is an introduction I edited/rewrote for a life coach’s website. The original copy was just a mess, barely in legible English. This is what I turned it into. It’s just a short blurb that showcases my creative brand of persuasion.

Are you tired?  Perhaps you’ve been running the engine in the red for too long, or juggling one too many problems in the air, and it’s all beginning to feel like you may just slip. Are you struggling to please everyone around you?  The ones that matter and even the others who don’t? Does it seem like the only one not having their needs fulfilled is you? Has the schedule you created suddenly grown beyond your control and began running you?  It’s a form of STUCK.  Your life may give off the impression of organized and controlled, but the work you’re putting in leaves you feeling isolated and immobile.  Maybe you want to take a vacation from your inner monologue.  Or maybe you just want more from the path you’ve chosen. Perhaps the path chose you, and you’re more hapless than ever.

Balance… what’s that?  Self -awareness… ugh!  Sounds like a lot of time you don’t have, right?  Well to be frank, if anything above speaks directly to you, it’s something you’re going to have to address eventually. Achieving these concepts is an on-going process, and I for one… am on it too.

Keeping up the appearance of having control became my mantra for more years than I care to admit.  Anxiety was rationalized by either an overdose of caffeine or a bad night’s sleep, and I would leave it at that. However, a system of denial and inaction never solves anything. Keeping anger buried beneath the surface may not seem like a chore, and that uneasy feeling may look too elusive for your busy schedule, but in the end, these things eventually work their way out of our carefully constructed cocoons.  Or perhaps an even scarier scenario may apply. What if you manage to meet these challenges head on, and then the change starts happening? Suddenly, life begins to look different, even frightening, and the tried and true methods you’ve become accustomed to, no longer work.

Guess what? If you are here, then chances are what you’re doing isn’t working. Or maybe you’re searching to make a new way for yourself, one that works better.  What if you were to drop the dead weight of illusions and denial? If you could truly abandon the things that don’t serve to help you progress, and instead embrace the potential within yourself, then perhaps you would start making more sense both inwardly and outwardly.