A Fan’s Personal Note to Frankie Edgar

A Fan’s Personal Note to Frankie Edgar

Oh Frankie. What are we gonna do with ya? You did exactly what people asked of you and came up just a little short. I’ll be honest Frankie, you won the fight. I gave you rounds 2, 4, and 5. But both rounds 3 and 4 were so close you could have flipped a coin for the winner. and I’m pretty sure that’s what two of those judges did. You got one out of three, but you know you’ve got to put a stamp on it to dethrone a champion. MMA judging is horrible; you can’t outpoint him and expect to win, unless you do it in a dominant fashion.  Not that I’m taking anything away from your performance. You did exactly what you set out to do. You went for the KO. You landed harder and more often, caught the kicks, got the takedowns, and proved to most everyone that you’re the best in the world. The only people who missed the memo were those two judges. My point is that it was an awesome fight and you don’t have a damn thing to feel ashamed of.

I imagine as a competitor there’s a million what ifs and slow motion replays flying through your head on repeat like a vintage vinyl record skipping on your least favorite part of the song. I know it would be in mine. And it might not be worth too much, but I want you to know it looked like your best to me. I think you put everything you had into it and every mistake you made was unavoidable.  We saw the best version of you that was available at UFC 150, and even though you came up short in a highly entertaining split-decision, I was legitimately on the edge of my seat the entire 25 minutes, and moaning in disappointment when Henderson’s hand got raised.

But where do you go from here? I know you have no lack of opinions coming in to advise you, but since I’m here, and I’m arrogant enough to imagine you might end up reading this far, I’ll tell you what I think too. I think at this point you take some time off and see if you can get a shot at Diaz, assuming he can beat Henderson. I think Dana White has to give you another shot at that point, possibly without even taking another fight in between. We all know he thinks you won. His public comments reveal as much. I think you’ve got a good chance going down that route, and I would love to see a bit of redemption for you.

If not… and as a considerate person, I hate saying this, but you’ve got to drop down to featherweight. Now I hate saying that as a considerate person. As a fan however, I think it’s time somebody took out Jose Aldo, and I think you’re just the cat to do it. And yeah, I am looking right past Erick Koch. Disrespectful? Maybe. Unwarranted? Heh. I don’t think so.

You know why I think you’d be the guy to beat Aldo? Because on paper, you can’t. Jose’s bigger, stronger, and more vicious than you are. He’s got a better record, and is usually ranked higher on the pound for pound list. However, I think you’re a hell of a lot tougher, and those pound for pound lists kind of lose all accuracy after the top two positions. I know that the idea of this fight must have at least crossed your mind, and while it might not be the most attractive thing to start starving yourself to cut another 10 pounds, it’s definitely going to make you more money than sticking around for at least three more beatings you’d have to take (and simultaneously dish out) to get back to a title shot at lightweight. Not to mention it would get you wearing a belt again a lot sooner.

You are the Rocky Balboa of MMA my friend, an unstoppable cyborg-like hero with a skull made of iron and a body containing no less than ten times the heart, soul, guts, and balls of a normal man. There is nothing I would love more than to see you take it to Henderson for a rubber match, but that’s two years down the line at least. The Featherweight division is wide open, and frankly Frankie, I think you’ll face a stiffer test in Jose Aldo than anybody else at lightweight. I know it’s probably nothing you haven’t heard before, but damned if I didn’t feel like telling you anyway.

Either way you’re still the champ in my eyes and a veritable superman to people facing adversity the world over. I love watching you fight, because you’re never supposed to win, and that never stops you. Keep it up Mr. Edgar. There aren’t too many stories as inspirational as yours. Please know that you’ll always have at least one fan who fully recognizes what that’s worth.