A Conversation Between two Daft Individuals.

A Conversation Between two Daft Individuals.


Are you daft? Thinking for yourself, not working for someone else, not doing ne’er with the other ne’er-do-wells?

Are you daft? Refusing to believe your ship has sunk, daring to sail though you may fail, not giving in to the urge to wail like another maudlin drunk?

Are you daft? Remembering when you should forget? Leaving though you shouldn’t have left? Paying for someone else’s debts? Sleeping though the night is young? Kissing but forgetting to use your tongue?


The Daft man retorts.

Am I daft? Punk. Is that what you thunk? Right to left, in and then spunk? Play a little trance, do a little dance, get her to take a chance, take off her pants, skip the romance? Nevermind the rants, the fact that she takes Vivance, that diminutive voice that talks about choice, good or bad, should you call your dad? How far, how fast, how long, how sad, how shitty, how rad, how bout, right now, you go, get sane, sing in the rain, sleep while you’re in pain, open the gates In the name of God!

Get right. Tonight, eat light, don’t fight, sit tight, invite the idea of insight into your life. Maybe then you’ll be smiling.


Are you daft? Fooling yourself, clearing the shelf, sharing the wealth, having your health? Aren’t there any pills you should be taking? Wait, are you… dreaming while waking? Stop that. Or are you just faking? There’s some mistakes you should be making. Boots that should be shaking. People you should be hating. Others you should keep waiting. Your appetites need sating. There’s porn over here, why aren’t you masturbating?

Are you daft? I’m hating you now. Wondering how this could have happened? You should want these things. You should crush these dreams. Break your seams. Stop crossing streams, and taking steams. Start hating with me.

You must be daft. You won’t listen to sense. And you aren’t sitting on the fence. You don’t seem the least bit tense. You don’t seem to be playing any defense… I’m confused.

I’m convinced you’re daft. What the hell are you thinking? Smirking, smoking, and drinking. Yet I’ve never seen you inebriated. You seem liberated, elevated, frustratingly NOT inundated. You’re pissing me off. I speak my wisdom and you just scoff. Except it’s not really a scoff. More of a sad sad laugh. What gives you the right to pity? You’re the one that looks shitty! Do I look like I need sympathy?

Are you daft?! Why the hell are you smiling?! Those nails need filing! That hair needs styling! Don’t roll your eyes at me; there are numbers I could be dialing! Instead I’m trying to talk your foreign tongue! I might as well be donating a lung. At least then I’d be doing some good with my air. This really isn’t all that fair. You seem so happy.

Are you daft? What’s your deal?


The Daft man replies again.

My deal? I’ve been a Long time coming and nowhere going.

Been too long down a sad sad road. I got outta there on wings of gold. Unbound from the chains I made to hold myself down. I felt restless and lonely and oh so motivated to do absolutely nothing. I needed the brightness back in my life. How to get the brightness? I needed that gleam on my routine to make things seem a little less tolerable, and a lot more enjoyable. Where did all the good times go? What did all the bad people do? Is everything reparable? I was tired. So tired. So drained of all emotion, left feeling slightly somber. As if depression was the only option left after my brain devoured all of the serotonin.

Hm. Perhaps that’s exactly what’s happened.

So I,

Rise every morning to the sound of thunderous brass knocking ceaselessly against the winds of my anticipation.

I ride the waves of love to victory and celebration.

Nothing is over, it’s just begun.

Witness my stride, the race I will run.

I keep my faith, sprint along straight, leave behind hate, focus on the traits of life that keep me happy—

Not silent. Not angry or violent.

I will step on the head of the serpent, jerking fiercely,

Stomping out hatred and becoming who I’m meant to be.

Am I daft? I guess we’ll see.

Until then, and probably ever after, I won’t stop smiling.